Why Are Our Certifications Important?

We’re extremely proud here at Muth Technology of our industry certifications, but consumers don’t always know why those certifications are so important in today’s complex global marketplace. Let’s take a look at what certification covers and how it helps us to provide the best service possible to our customers. By participating in standards development activities… Read more »


What’s the Difference Between Cat5 and Cat6 Cables?

We live in a world of cables. You have cables to recharge your phone, to connect your TV to your DVD player, etc. Gaming console devices use cables, too. Over time, different types of cables have come and gone and there are three types of cables you should know about right now: Category 5 (CAT5),… Read more »


Why Should I Use Fiber Optics?

Do you remember the days of “dial-up,” where it would take quite a while to download something from the Internet? These days, speed is king, and computers have come a long way in a short time with what they can handle. Our digital (computerized) world exists thanks to advances in technology and fiber optics. Muth… Read more »


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