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The Internet of Things and Your Office

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a concept that many Americans have started using in their homes over the course of the last few years – perhaps without even realizing it. The Internet of Things refers to a wide range of different “smart devices,” including thermostats, security systems, lighting and more, that have Internet connectivity that… Read more »

Understanding Data: What Governs the Speed of Your Connection?

Speed is something that’s important to just about everyone who uses a computer. Whether you use your computer for business purposes and need fast downloads and uploads to keep everything running smoothly or you use your computer for fun to watch TV shows and movies on Netflix, a speedy connection is absolutely essential. But most… Read more »

Work More Efficiently at Home

Home Office Networking

Muth Technology offers small business and home network setups to help you get more work done more efficiently. Our connectivity solutions will help configure and wire your home office to be more connected and efficient, so when you work from home, you’ll have the same capabilities and connections that you’d normally have at work. No… Read more »

A Closer Look at Data Cabling

Even while wireless technologies take us further and further away from our desks and our homes and allow us the freedom to connect without a cable, wired connections are still vital to making everything work. Without wired connections, many of our internet connections would never make it to their destinations and would take much longer…. Read more »