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Muth Electric’s Technology Team is offering On-Demand Technology Service

With the increasing number of individuals working remotely, we want to assure you, our technology team is available and ready to assist you. Let us help ease the setup of your remote workstations by offering the following services: Physical set up of remote work stations Wireless access support & setup Extend cabling from router to… Read more »

Provide Added Privacy With a Sound Masking System

Doctors in Hospital

In hospital settings where doctor-patient confidentiality is protected by strict HIPAA regulations, a closed door may not be enough to ensure sensitive conversations remain private. That’s why many hospitals and clinics utilize sound masking systems to obscure conversations with a blanket of ambient noise. Sound masking systems are designed to match the frequency of human… Read more »

Work More Efficiently at Home

Home Office Networking

Muth Technology offers small business and home network setups to help you get more work done more efficiently. Our connectivity solutions will help configure and wire your home office to be more connected and efficient, so when you work from home, you’ll have the same capabilities and connections that you’d normally have at work. No… Read more »

Li-Fi: The Latest New Wireless Technology

There’s a new player in the internet game, and it’s called Li-Fi. Li-Fi is a new LED-based communications technology that delivers a high-speed mobile communication in a similar way to current Wi-Fi, but it uses light rather than radio waves to send signals and data, according to information from pureLiFi, a new company working to develop… Read more »

Why Are Our Certifications Important?

We’re extremely proud here at Muth Technology of our industry certifications, but consumers don’t always know why those certifications are so important in today’s complex global marketplace. Let’s take a look at what certification covers and how it helps us to provide the best service possible to our customers. By participating in standards development activities… Read more »