Distributed Antenna Systems Bring Wireless Service Where You Need It Most

Distributed antenna systems (DAS)As our use of smartphones and other mobile devices has become more widespread, our demands for reliable wireless service have grown as well. We depend on these devices for a variety of everyday tasks, from communicating with friends and family to hailing cabs home from work. When cellular data wireless networks lack the necessary coverage and capacity to support local traffic in densely-populated areas, it can not only cause headaches for users, but also safety concerns in the event of an emergency.

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) offer an ideal solution in areas where wireless connectivity is in high demand.

A DAS consists of a supplementary network of antenna nodes that is fed by a common primary source, such as a nearby telecommunications tower. The cellular data wireless signal is then distributed through these network nodes to provide reliable coverage in high-traffic and hard-to-reach areas. Next time you ride a subway system, you may notice DAS antennas being used to provide wireless coverage in underground stations, for example.

DAS networks are also commonly used to provide additional cellular data wireless capacity in sports stadiums, entertainment venues, convention centers and other places that bring thousands of people together in one area. They can even be deployed temporarily to support increases in wireless traffic during events like parades and holiday celebrations.

If your organization demands a high-capacity wireless network with reliable coverage, a DAS can offer a flexible, cost-effective way to meet your wireless needs.  To learn more about distributed antenna systems or any of the other services we offer at Muth Technology, feel free to give us a call or contact us online today!