Provide Added Privacy With a Sound Masking System

Doctors in HospitalIn hospital settings where doctor-patient confidentiality is protected by strict HIPAA regulations, a closed door may not be enough to ensure sensitive conversations remain private. That’s why many hospitals and clinics utilize sound masking systems to obscure conversations with a blanket of ambient noise.

Sound masking systems are designed to match the frequency of human speech, causing conversations to simply fade into background. Despite their ability to conceal conversations, these speaker systems are typically no louder than the sound of airflow from an HVAC system. They can also be more cost-effective than sound absorbing materials like carpet and ceiling tiles.

Hospitals aren’t the only facilities that use sound masking systems.

They’re also useful for eliminating distractions in busy office environments. Sound masking systems can be particularly beneficial in office buildings with large, open floor plans that have few barriers to block unwanted noise. In this type of work environment, a sound masking system can make it easier for employees to stay focused on the task at hand without having their attention diverted by nearby conversations.

Sound masking systems are also commonly used in hotels to give guests an added measure of comfort and privacy. If you’ve ever been kept awake by the sound of a loud TV in the hotel room adjacent to yours, you’ll know just how valuable these systems can be.

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