Small Office & Home Office

With today’s technologies becoming more affordable, more people are purchasing computers for their homes, for home offices, as second or third computers for other family members, or to take advantage of high speed internet access. Along with these, we can suit your home audio, video, security & lighting control needs. Whatever the situation – We have a solution!

Commercial & Industrial

From an office environment to an industrial/manufacturing environment, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the latest in technology for all your voice & data needs. From Cat.5e to Cat.6, we can help you decide what will best suit your current and future needs.

Fiber Optics

The dramatic increase in demand for extra bandwidth has many networks needing to install fiber optics to the workstations, and requiring it for the data backbone. We use only the highest-quality components from industry-leading manufacturers to ensure you will not be left waiting for your information. This includes providing you with our test results of your network to prove that everything will perform to your standards.

Network Certification & Warranties

Using the latest in cabling installation & maintenance certification technology, we have the ability to tell you whether your network will “PASS” or “FAIL”. But rest assured, we won’t leave until we provide you with a 100% “PASS” certification. On top of that, all of our data cabling installations are backed by our 1 year installation warranty. We can also provide you with manufacturer-specific product and application warranties for up to 20 years…one even provides a lifetime warranty!