The Internet of Things and Your Office

The Internet of Things is a concept that many Americans have started using in their homes over the course of the last few years – perhaps without even realizing it.

The Internet of Things refers to a wide range of different “smart devices,” including thermostats, security systems, lighting and more, that have Internet connectivity that allows them to interact with or be controlled by computers, tablets and smartphones. This allows you to, say, turn on the lights when you’re not at home or turn the heat up from the comfort of your bed, and that can really make your home more accommodating and simplify your life.

Internet of ThingsBusinesses are also engaged with the Internet of Things and the improved connectivity that these new smart devices offer. Offices are being outfitted with a wide range of new commercial devices that allow companies to improve their overall efficiency while keeping their employees happy. Intelligent workplaces are popping up all across the country and changing the way the world does business.

As points out, there are a handful of devices that have become popular in modern, intelligent workplaces. The smartphone often acts as a hub – the focal point from which everything can be controlled – but so many devices now can be equipped with sensors and connected to the internet to improve functions, comfort and convenience.

For instance, what if the lights in your office space could automatically dim to your preference when you walk in, cuing on the presence of your cellphone? What if you and your employees could manage the office thermostat by “voting” through an online poll that takes the averages and tries to achieve a happy balance to the temperature? These are quickly becoming more than what-ifs.

Smart technologies also mean improved efficiency. Now when the printer detects a paper shortage it can order a new supply and have it delivered. Technologies can interact with one another more easily as well, meaning the presentation you created on your desktop then uploaded to the cloud could be picked up on your smartwatch and broadcast to a projector in your conference room, seamlessly connecting different devices and capabilities through a smarter connected ecosystem. offers another tantalizing example. Suppose that your 9 a.m. meeting was rescheduled to 10 a.m. Now that you don’t have to rush to be to the office early, your computer alerts your smartphone that the schedule has changed, resetting your alarm clock to allow you a bit of extra sleep. Extra sleep? Everyone can get behind that!

The Internet of Things is likely going to change the way that most companies conduct their day-to-day activities, but to keep everything it running smoothly, your office will need reliable internet. Cabling is still the backbone of connectivity, and at Muth Technology, we can come to your provide a complete wired cabling or wireless internet solution to get your devices online and connected to take advantage of the Internet of Things and all of your day-to-day needs. Call us at 605-334-3232 and find out how we can help your business today.