Why Are Our Certifications Important?

We’re extremely proud here at Muth Technology of our industry certifications, but consumers don’t always know why those certifications are so important in today’s complex global marketplace. Let’s take a look at what certification covers and how it helps us to provide the best service possible to our customers.

Muth Technology CertificationsBy participating in standards development activities – and by implementing standards and conformance tools – a business can become certified through one of several organizations that monitor professional standards and processes. Our industry certifications through Telecommunications Industry Association and Electronic Industries Alliance provide you with the knowledge that we have kept up on all of the latest technologies and innovations and maintain a standard of work that is up to those met by workers in the industry across the nation.

These certifications have also helped us stay recognized in the industry as a company that adheres to the very latest standards, which in turn has opened doors to our relationships with leading manufacturers within our industry. This has led to even more communications certifications through professional companies as well, including CommScope, Leviton, Siemon Cabling, Panduit and Flextray.

As a consumer, you benefit from our certifications in myriad ways, whether your goal is to access new markets, reduce costs, increase efficiency or be more competitive. Standards are the answer, and when doing business with Muth, you’re assured that we’ve met – and often exceeded – every industry expectation.

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