Why Should I Use Fiber Optics?

Do you remember the days of “dial-up,” where it would take quite a while to download something from the Internet? These days, speed is king, and computers have come a long way in a short time with what they can handle. Our digital (computerized) world exists thanks to advances in technology and fiber optics.

Muth Technology recommends using fiber optics when you need extra bandwidth for your computer networks. Muth Technology believes fiber optic cables work extremely well for data delivery purposes.

In the old days, copper cabling was it. Copper–a metal–was great for delivering electricity, thanks to its high conductivity, ductility and tensile strength. Then came fiber optics, consisting of glass strands transmitting light. While copper’s a decent choice for delivering electricity, fiber optics work well for delivering information.

For networking and data delivery purposes, fiber optics can transmit vast amounts of information over long distances efficiently and securely. Furthermore, fiber optic cables are resistant to interference and atmospheric conditions. They can be used indoors or outdoors, near electrical lines without concern.

Muth Technology installs fiber optic cables in many places around South Dakota as well as Omaha, NE, and Williston, ND. Schools, hospitals, and anywhere computers are relied upon should utilize fiber optic cables in order to be up-to-date with the technological, information-driven world we’re living in today.